New Year, New Things!




Happy New Year my fellow arts and culture enthusiasts! With the holiday season fervor slipping away, we have returned to our daily routines (blah). Hopefully, we are remaining faithful to our new year resolutions (fist pump)! It’s definitely a good idea to channel the positive energy of welcoming the new year and use it to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking to explore the Philadelphia culture scene this month, there is definitely something for everyone. Maybe you didn’t get to visit a certain museum, festival, or neighborhood last year – now you have the chance to make it happen!

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Living In The Moment

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 (Look of the Week)

For these past few weeks, my life has hit an all new level of insanity. From the deadlines, projects and basic personal responsibilities, I can barely keep it all together.  It surprises me that I can still squeeze in time to sleep, although my solution wouldn’t particularly be thought of as the most fitting remedy. My sporadic screams- FML!!! are proving to be a great antidote. Nonetheless I consider myself very blessed.

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