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Whether you are going for the “uptown wasp” or “downtown princes” aesthetic.  When planning your next interior project; framing vintage scarves is a chic alternative to art work or wallpaper. These framed Hermès scarves help create a highbrow look.  But not everyone has $800 + to drop on a scarf; only to frame it. Grab a few frames from your neighborhood HomeGoods and checkout these chic scarf options.

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Living In The Moment

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 (Look of the Week)

For these past few weeks, my life has hit an all new level of insanity. From the deadlines, projects and basic personal responsibilities, I can barely keep it all together.  It surprises me that I can still squeeze in time to sleep, although my solution wouldn’t particularly be thought of as the most fitting remedy. My sporadic screams- FML!!! are proving to be a great antidote. Nonetheless I consider myself very blessed.

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