An Awesome Low-Key Weekend


Eff You, Cabin Fever!

Let’s be clear.  I-am-not-a-rock-star! Shocker. I know.  For those of you having a breakdown from this recent news- we have a trauma therapist on call. Subsequently, I am pretty good at doing the whole normal-human thing. Really good, in fact now that the wild chill on the East Coast has subsided. I thought it was time to dig myself out of solitary and have some fun.

 99% of you would celebrate by hitting da club. Fortunately for you, I’m that 1% and the reigning queen of having low-key fun (another title that’s still in the works).  Sorry to say this does not involve any shopping, wine, or chit chat with the girls. But before you write me off completely, I wanted to share a different side to the playground we call home-Philadelphia.

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Make Your Place More Stylish Right Now



When it comes to creating visual interests; finishing off your home with the right accessories can easily turn a room or any surface from drab to fab. There are three rules you should keep in mind for styling a variety of items and surfaces such as shelves, coffee tables, or a bedroom nightstand.

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Colored Fur



(Look of the Week)

I breathe a sigh of relief as I open the TOPSHOP parcel. My heart flutters as I peel away the layers of packing paper- not an unfamiliar feeling for most girls indulging in a little online retail therapy.

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