An Awesome Low-Key Weekend


Eff You, Cabin Fever!

Let’s be clear.  I-am-not-a-rock-star! Shocker. I know.  For those of you having a breakdown from this recent news- we have a trauma therapist on call. Subsequently, I am pretty good at doing the whole normal-human thing. Really good, in fact now that the wild chill on the East Coast has subsided. I thought it was time to dig myself out of solitary and have some fun.

 99% of you would celebrate by hitting da club. Fortunately for you, I’m that 1% and the reigning queen of having low-key fun (another title that’s still in the works).  Sorry to say this does not involve any shopping, wine, or chit chat with the girls. But before you write me off completely, I wanted to share a different side to the playground we call home-Philadelphia.

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Winter Market 2015



Have you been to the Clover Market? If you haven’t explored this staple event of Philadelphia’s scene, you are missing out! If you love antiques, vintage jewelry and clothing, collectibles, hand-crafted items, art, and numerous quirky finds…plus you enjoy a relaxed, open atmosphere featuring popular food trucks – this seasonal event needs to make your Top 5 list!

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New Year, New Things!




Happy New Year my fellow arts and culture enthusiasts! With the holiday season fervor slipping away, we have returned to our daily routines (blah). Hopefully, we are remaining faithful to our new year resolutions (fist pump)! It’s definitely a good idea to channel the positive energy of welcoming the new year and use it to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking to explore the Philadelphia culture scene this month, there is definitely something for everyone. Maybe you didn’t get to visit a certain museum, festival, or neighborhood last year – now you have the chance to make it happen!

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