Jody Dilbert

It has become such a painful cliché to admit that Red Bag Report was birthed from my love of all things fashion- If it wasn’t already obvious, LOL! But what inspired me to start this journey is something I claim exclusively for yours truly.   Growing up I would watch the Canadian television series Fashion Files. This inspired me in so many ways.  One of which was to pursue a modeling career. I begged my mother to enroll me in modeling school.  I finished the program, only to learn I am way too short to be a model.  That minor setback didn’t stop me. Years later, I can pull apart my life and the one thing that was always constant was a love for fashion and style and the power these two things can inspire in people. A conduit for expression, creativity, art and culture, all-encompassing a lifestyle-Fashion is a lifestyle, Live it!  

Red Bag Report aims to set the standard.  I couldn’t make this all possible without my outstanding contributors Marcia McKenna and Aya Fraser. With their own unique voice they bring a cornucopia of content; from Aya’s navigation of the burgeoning fashion and culture scene in Philadelphia, to Marcia’s hilarious recap of the irreverent characters and expert movie suggestion all based on your relationship status!

I am looking forward to Red Bag Report inspiring  readers, with the hope that one day I can inspire the next young girl to take action and go for it!-even if she is only 5’3”.