Grab Your Girls It’s Brunch Time!


Brunch Has Never Looked This Good

Good news- no, GREAT news. The forecast for the weekend: breezy and bright. Well not really-sorry that was deceiving. I was giving you something to look forward to. Let’s try this again; the only thing we love more than the weekend is a solid brunch; even more than that is a solid brunch menu.  If that’s not reason enough to leave the house this weekend then I don’t know what is.


I visited Fitler Dining Room. The interior alone is swoon worthy, plush booth seating line an exposed white brick wall. They did a spectacular job marrying understated French Chic with American Craftsmanship. Not to mention the open kitchen gave me a warm cozy feeling- a great contrast to the cold yucky day we were having.


 On this particular day I was really in the mood for some comfort food- immediately I ordered the french toast. Of course, what’s new?  (Says all my friends) Oh No! This isn’t your ordinary french toast. Fitler Dining Room serves their french toast with peanut butter and banana’s- this culinary masterpiece does not deserved to be drowned in syrup. I consider myself to be a french toast connoisseur (still working on an official title), this did not disappoint. The bread was cooked to perfect, but what really brought it home for me was the sweet peanut butter drizzle and caramelized bananas- which left me wanting more. But don’t take my word for it, check it out!  On my next visit I would love to try

Avocado + Crab Toast

Fried Chicken served on top of english muffins, special sauce, fried eggs, and braised kale



Location: 2201 Spruce Street, Phila, PA 19103

Ambience: Down-home/French Chic


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