An Awesome Low-Key Weekend


Eff You, Cabin Fever!

Let’s be clear.  I-am-not-a-rock-star! Shocker. I know.  For those of you having a breakdown from this recent news- we have a trauma therapist on call. Subsequently, I am pretty good at doing the whole normal-human thing. Really good, in fact now that the wild chill on the East Coast has subsided. I thought it was time to dig myself out of solitary and have some fun.

 99% of you would celebrate by hitting da club. Fortunately for you, I’m that 1% and the reigning queen of having low-key fun (another title that’s still in the works).  Sorry to say this does not involve any shopping, wine, or chit chat with the girls. But before you write me off completely, I wanted to share a different side to the playground we call home-Philadelphia.



Di Bruno Bros

1:00 p.m.

 My quest starts at Di Bruno Bros-Rittenhouse Square. At this hour, Di Bruno’s is bustling with city dwellers. I make a quick B-line to the cheese section to sample a few cheeses. Tip: You can sample just about anything behind the various counters before buying it! What I love the most about this place is the variety. I feel like I could make an insane request for goats milk (Sean Diddy Combs much!) and the staff would be more than happy to help.



Elfreth’s Alley

2:00 p.m.

I’ll admit not everything I plan I enjoy! Nonetheless it’s still good to get out and absorb the city’s culture. There is not much to say about Elfreth’s Alley, other than it’s old- in fact I’m sure most of you know that Elfreth’s Alley is the nation’s oldest residential street.   It’s certainly beautiful and well-kept by the residents of the cobblestone street.  Tip: The only practical footwear that will work on the cobblestone street are sneakers, flats or wedges- if you are super poised.



The Center For Art In Wood

2:30 p.m.

Ten minutes away on foot, I arrive at The Center For Art In Wood. The exterior façade is so incredibly unique and intriguing I couldn’t resist.  The interior of the center is beau-ti-ful! The permanent collection boosts everything from furniture to contemporary sculptures. At times I forgot that everything is made of wood- the artistry that went into each piece is simply divine. Definitely my favorite part of the day. Tip: I will save you the embarrassment- don’t try to enter the center using the gigantic wooden doors.  The entrance is to the right.



I’m Wearing: YSL booties/BCBG Mesh Top/BCBG Pants/Phillip Lim Bag/Rag & Bone Fedora Hat


Photography By: Nakia Thomas of Style Chile



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