Winter Market 2015



Have you been to the Clover Market? If you haven’t explored this staple event of Philadelphia’s scene, you are missing out! If you love antiques, vintage jewelry and clothing, collectibles, hand-crafted items, art, and numerous quirky finds…plus you enjoy a relaxed, open atmosphere featuring popular food trucks – this seasonal event needs to make your Top 5 list!

            . The experience of the market was welcoming since it has a neighborhood feel. My friends and I enjoyed strolling through the open market, browsing the various vendor displays before we made a second round to start shopping. Each vendor had a sense of style which created an eclectic energy, adding to the fun of the event. We stumbled upon a collection of Sexology publications (pictured below) and EVERY title produced a healthy dose of laughter and/or cynicism.

Priya.Means.Love 1 (1)

            The laid-back Sunday morning gave me an opportunity to build and renew friendships. I was happy to see Patricia of Three Parts Charm, who I met during the Franklin Flea in June 2014. She was gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway for Red Bag Report last summer. I absolutely adored her display and I happily purchased a beautiful pair of iridescent powder blue cluster earrings! My second purchase was from Priya Means Love which included the Deep Radiance Face Cream (feels amazing and makes your skin look incredible!) and the Herbal Lip Therapy (I opted to buy the tinted color which looks deep cheery in the container but is a much lighter hue upon application).  I love natural skin, hair, and body products so I had to practice restraint with my purchases. #shopaholicproblems

Three Parts Charm

Three Parts Charm

            Check out the photos I managed to snap while shopping! Visit the Clover Market site to see the upcoming dates for 2015!

Written by: Aya, Cultural Contributor

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